Rural Property Management allows information to be conveyed quickly and visually without using special software on any device.

Rural Property Management is a web portal that conveys geographic informational system (GIS) water metrics. Compatible with web browsers, our product renders interactive geo-maps for pastoral water planning and data tracking: a simple, web-based digital platform for agricultural developers, managers, students, and those dedicated to the workings of pastoral properties, large or small.

Today’s technology allows the use of the internet to provide real-time data to a large number of people in multiple locations while allowing information to be updated seamlessly by the assigned account privileges. Visual representation shows clearly the mapping, levels, and quality status of water and valuable equipment to enhance the flow of property and agricultural management dependent on water systems.

The interface is an easily accessible web portal for farm and water management that allows users to track important metrics for their water assets. We have found this saves time, resources, and inventory when optimizing the moving parts of fluvial systems.

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