Water is critical to every industry,

Rural Property Management allows information to be conveyed quickly and visually without using special software on any device.

Rural Property Management is a web portal that can show owners their water assets and status to be displayed in a browser using Google maps, the information displayed is restricted and can only be viewed by the Asset Owner or Assigned staff members.

Today’s technology allows the use of the internet to provide real-time data to a large number of people in multiple locations while allowing information to be updated seamlessly by the assigned account privileges.

Rural Property Management Portal allows information to be displayed using a smart device or phone, to those that a registered within a secure account.

Pastoralists & Property Managers can use the portal as an information tool, displaying water assets status other information as it is added, this visual reference allows the planning for repairs or other programs to be implemented when no or low water levels are identified.

We are seeking a Pastoralists Company or Property Managers to trial the portal, this will allow us to improve the information and use of the portal, additionally we will be providing a great tool for Bore Runners, and stock employees to report information accurately and effectively.

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